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About Us

EC3 Travel and Tours founders and staff have been serving the poor in the Philippines for over 40 years. Included in our work has been starting schools, providing jobs, and doing values formation. In 2017, another opportunity came about through the desire of the Philippines to expand their tourism industry. And so, EC3 (Experiencing Creator, Creation, and Community) Travel and Tours was formed!

In addition to serving the poor in the Philippines, the EC3 founders and staff have been facilitating teams coming to the Philippines from all over the world, as well as sending out teams from the Philippines to other parts of the world. Through each expedition, both those who have come and those who have gone have expanded their perspectives of the world. In addition, they have been able to share their skills and personal stories with those they encountered along the way. Our hope in EC3 is to provide affordable travel services to people in the Philippines and all over the world; especially those who have yet to travel outside of their own country!

Just like our other endeavors to work toward equality and justice in the Philippines and around the world, EC3 Travel and Tours has also been created as a social enterprise. Beyond simply providing opportunities for people to travel both within and outside of their own countries, we want to provide opportunities through our packages and group tours for people to become more engaged with the people they meet along the way. Thus, beyond experiencing the traditions and beauty of every town, city, and countryside, we hope those who travel through EC3 will also engage the various sectors of education, economics, agriculture, and health care, and find ways to improve each sector as a way towards more justice and equality for all.